How To Protect Fragile Furniture For Moving}

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Every year, millions of people make a big move to a new home, condominium, or apartment. When making the move, you have to make sure your belongings are protected from damage when loading, transporting, and unloading. One type of item that requires protection is fragile furniture. Furniture can be big and awkward to move thereby increasing the chances of damage during transport. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can protect fragile furniture when moving.

When you prepare your bed for moving, you want to avoid dirt and moisture from getting on it and in it because mold and mildew can develop. Purchase mattress bags and cover both the mattress and box spring. You can also use shrink wrap to wrap the mattress. Make sure corners of the box spring are taped or cushioned using plastic or bubble wrap to protect it from damage.

When preparing couches and chairs, you can wrap them with a roll of shrink wrap to protect them from moisture and dirt. Pack the furniture to avoid scratches and other damage during transport. For each piece of furniture, remove all of the removable parts that are attached. This includes the legs, wheels, and cushions. Place all bolts, nuts and screws in a small plastic bag and label it with the name of the piece of furniture that it came from. Place pillows and cushions in large clear plastic bags and seal the bags to protect the items from dirt and moisture. Make sure you have removed all parts such as the wheels and casters. The arms and corners of couches and sofas should be wrapped with plastic bags to make sure nothing gets damaged as you are moving them. If you have furniture that can be damaged easily, use a protective padding such as towel, blankets, or bubble wrap.

When preparing tables and cupboards for moving, they should be covered with blankets or towels and wrapped in plastic. Bubble wrap is a popular choice for wrapping. The corners should be insulated with a towel and then wrapped and taped. Mirrors, hanging fixtures, and floor lamps, should be wrapped in towels and plastic bubble wrap. Then, slip it inside a large plastic bag and tightly close the bag. Make sure you remove the light bulbs.

When packing desks, bureaus, and dressers, you should use tape to make sure they dont fall out during transport. To prevent scratches, wrap each item using bubble wrap. Then, cover each piece with plastic. You can also use towels and sheets to add an extra protective layer. You will also have removable parts that have to secure. Apply wax to fine wood furnishings to protect them from scratches.

Moving can be a very stressful and time consuming experience. Because many of us have furniture that we value and want to protect, it is imperative to know how to properly prepare them for the big moving day. It is important to be aware that there are professional movers that are trained and experienced in moving items that are susceptible to damage during transport. If you are concerned about your furniture, you may want to enlist the services of one of these professional moving companies.

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